study programs

Within the CESOC disciplines the partners offer the following study programs at their respective location.

University of Bonn

Master of Science
  • Computer Science
  • Geodäsie und Geoinformation
  • Geodetic Engineering
  • Geographie
  • Geowissenschaften
  • Mathematics
  • Physik
  • Physik der Erde und Atmosphäre
  • Plant Sciences
Graduate Schools
  • Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics (BIGS-M)
  • Bonn International Graduate School Land and Food (BIGS-LF)

University of Cologne

Master of Science
  • Computational Sciences
  • Geographie (german)
  • Geowissenschaften (german)
  • Informatik/Computer Science
  • Mathematik (german)
  • Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere
  • Environmental Sciences (IMES)
  • Physics
Graduate Schools
Graduate Schools

Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • study program in cooperation with the FH Aachen, german only:
    Mathematisch-technische/r Software Entwickler/in MATSE + B.Sc. Angewandte Mathematik und Informatik (BAMI) (dualer Studiengang)
    darauf aufbauender Master
Graduate Schools
In general, several Professorship are teaching at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne and Master theses can be written in collaboration with the FZJ.

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