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­STEP UP! Fellowship programme 2023/24

Within the framework of the STEP UP! Fellowship programme, coordinated by the German Meteorological Service (DWD), four early career scientists started at the ECMWF site in Bonn between January and April 2023. Paolo Andreozzi, Katerina Anesiadou, Luise Schulte and Florentine Weber will be working for initially two years on their respective projects (described below) in close contact with supervisors from ECMWF as well as mentors from CESOC. Through this bridge, CESOC will provide ECMWF and the fellows with links to local research infrastructures and large collaborative research projects. An article about the programme and the individual topics can be found in the ECMWF spring newsletter 2023.

Selected fellows of the STEP UP! Fellowship Programme 2023/24 during the Kick-Off Event at DWD in Offenbach, end of January. From left: Katerina Anesiadou, Luise Schulte, Florentine Weber, Paolo Andreozzi.

Modelling water in Arctic clouds

Modelling the regional water cycle and temperature in urbanised areas

Use of altimeter measurements in a coupled data assimilation system

Meteorological effects of atmospheric composition