CESOC continues the seminar series “My Research” on bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in which members of CESOC will give a talk on their research and are happy to answer questions afterwards in a short discussion. 

This semester, the seminar series will be hosted by our collaborative partner ECMWF at their buildings in Bonn and it will be streamed online (via zoom). It is open to any interested person within the CESOC research disciplines (any Earth system sciences, mathematics or computer science). Please contact info@cesoc.net, if you would like to participate.

You can find the complete schedule in the table below.
Titles are preliminary and may be updated as the semester progresses.


Date Speaker Title Affiliation
23.04.2024 Prof. Dr. Wulf Amelung Ways out of the Global Soil Crisis Institute of Crop Sciences and Resource Conservation (INRES) at the University of Bonn
07.05.2024 Prof. Dr. Nikki Vercauteren Unresolved scales in weather and climate models: Learning uncertainty from data Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology, University of Cologne
21.05.2024 Dr. Juliane Bendig Developing solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence sensing techniques in preparation of the FLuorescence EXplorer satellite mission Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG), Jülich Research Centre
04.06.2024 Dr. Michael Langguth Downscale-Bench : A benchmark dataset for statistical downscaling of meteorological data Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS), Jülich Research Centre
18.06.2024 Dr. Sebastian Buschow Reconciling risk-based and Storyline Climate Change Attribution with Bayes Theorem Institute of Geosciences, Meteorology Department, University of Bonn
Dr. Claudia Acquistapace TBD Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology, University of Cologne