CESOC starts a new seminar series Fridays at 3pm in which the members of CESOC will give a talk on their research and are happy to answer questions afterwards in a short discussion.

It will be held via Zoom. Please contact the coordinator Sybille Yvonne Schoger, if you would like to participate.

We are happy to welcome you, starting on Friday, June 18, 2021. You find further information in the table below. The titles of the upcoming talks will be updated successively.


Date Speaker Title Affiliation
18.06.2021 Prof. Jürgen Kusche The mathematics of sea level rise (and what we observe in the real world) Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn
25.06.2021 Prof.’in Astrid Kiendler-Scharr Observational and modelling tools for atmospheric composition: what we have and what we need Institute for Energy and Climate Research – Troposphere (IEK-8), Forschungszentrum Jülich
02.07.2021 Prof. Christian Sohler Algorithms for the analysis of very large data sets Institute for Computer Science, University of Cologne
09.07.2021 Dr. Hanno Scharr Image Processing from Plant Roots to Remote Sensing Applications Institute of Bio- und Geosciences – Plant Sciences (IBG-2), Forschungszentrum Jülich
16.07.2021 Prof.’in Anne Driemel Models for Trajectory and Subtrajectory Clustering Institute of Computer Science V, Algorithms and Complexity, University of Bonn
23.07.2021 Prof.’in Susanne Crewell Atmospheric water cycle: how can we improve our understanding by observations and modelling Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology, University of Cologne