CESOC kindly invites to another Colloquium given by

Tobias Weigel

Team lead for Helmholtz AI consultants at DKRZ

11 April 2022, 16:00 CEST, via Zoom

contact Sybille Y. Schoger for details

Unlocking the potential of Machine Learning for Earth and Environment researchers

As Helmholtz AI Consultants, we support Helmholtz-based researchers on making the best use of Machine Learning (ML) methods for research questions related to Earth and Environmental sciences. This talk will introduce you to the way we work and what we have on offer for you. We will give insights into typical problem statements from Earth observation and Earth System modelling that are good candidates for experimentation with ML methods and report on our accumulated experience tackling such challenges with individual support projects. Given sufficient amounts of data and initial scientific problem statements, we work towards assembling practically meaningful demonstrators within a couple of months, laying the groundwork for further research projects. Example projects include wind speed regression on GNSS-R data, emulation of atmospheric chemistry modeling, Earth System model parameterizations with ML, marine remote sensing and time series analysis.

We are happy to share our experiences and discuss the development of ML methods, prototypes and projects based on your input and scientific needs.