Meet our scientists

  • Prof. Pavlos Kollias

    International Faculty (University of Cologne and Stony Brook University)

    "The Cologne-Bonn region is one of Europe’s premier
    cross paths in atmospheric research featuring observing
    facilities such as the Jülich Observatory for Cloud
    Evolution (JOYCE) and excellent computational science
    initiatives at the
    Universities of Cologne and Bonn.

    This infrastructure combined with the availability of
    young talented researchers, the vibrant, intellectual
    urban centers, and the spectacular
    landscape of the
    Rhine Ruhr region offers an ideal working and living

  • Prof. Anne Driemel

    Professor in Computer Science and Junior Fellow at Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (University of Bonn)

    "CESOC is a great place for knowledge transfer. In my research,
    I focus on algorithmic techniques for geometric data analysis.
    I believe, algorithms research can open up new frontiers in
    climate science by providing tailored algorithmic techniques to
    attack computationally intractable problems. At the same time,
    the exchange with climate science researchers can bring to light
    fundamental algorithmic problems that are relevant in practice
    and require the development of new theory. Thus, CESOC feeds
    the development cycle and knowledge transfer between algorithmic
    theory and practice."

  • Dr. Hanno Scharr

    Head of Computer Vision group, IAS-8 Data Analytics and Machine Learning, (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

    "In the Computer Vision group at IAS-8 in Jülich, our research
    addresses theory and algorithms for the analysis of image-based data.
    We use data-driven machine learning as well as modelling-based
    methods, develop them further and bring them into application.
    Initially focusing on plant science applications and close range remote
    sensing in previous research, in CESOC we want to explore the
    adaptation of computer vision techniques to the fascinating remote
    sensing data of Earth system observation."

  • Jun.-Prof. Stephanie Fiedler

    Energy Meteorolgy research group leader (University of Cologne)

    "We work on fundamental meteorological research
    for renewable power production from wind and solar
    energy. Our research is based on modern observations
    and own simulations with complex weather and climate
    In CESOC, we collaborate with partners from other
    disciplines for new scientific insights from big data."

  • Prof. Martin Riese

    Director of Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-7, Forschungszentrum Jülich)

    “Our investigation in Jülich focus on global interactions of air
    quality and climate. The Asian monsoon circulation plays a
    crucial role here, because it transports heavily polluted air
    masses from the South-East Asian boundary layer into the
    global stratosphere. In CESOC we cooperate with the
    University of Cologne to obtain an improved understanding
    of the source regions for transport of pollutants by the
    monsoon circulation by combining Lagrangian transport
    techniques with visual analyses.”

  • Dr. Alexandra Tsimpidi

    Postdoctoral researcher (Institute of Energy and Climate Research Troposphere, FZ Jülich)

    "Forschungszentrum Jülich with world-class
    infrastructures is an ideal place to conduct my research
    on simulating the atmospheric fate of the aerosols and
    quantifying their gigantic impact on Earth’s energy
    balance and human health.

    My research strongly benefits from access to the Jülich
    Supercomputing Centre which operates two of the most
    powerful supercomputers in the world.”

  • Dr. Stefan Kneifel

    Junior group leader (Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology)

    "I chose the University of Cologne for my
    Noether Junior Researcher Project
    because it optimally provides a stimulating
    scientific environment as well as excellent
    research infrastructure. In my project on 
    understanding processes in ice clouds and
    associated precipitation we profit from the
    unique expertise and infrastructure.”


  • Dr. Sophie Stolzenberger

    Postdoctoral researcher (Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, University of Bonn)

    "As a meteorologist working in a satellite geodesy
    team, I benefit from the collaboration with data
    specialists of different areas of expertise –
    we are excellently linked to Helmholtz institutions
    like the Alfred-Wegener Institute and the
    Jülich Supercomputing Centre.”

  •                      ... and many more to come


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