Our vision

Ongoing global environmental changes require comprehensive knowledge on the manifold of processes shaping our climate system. Therefore CESOC aims to comprehensively observe, understand and forecast the earth system in times of global environmental changes. CESOC takes up the challenge by

  • integrating excellent research at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • focusing on physical, mathematical and biogeochemical modelling of the coupled earth system in view of the development of a digital Earth model (digital twin) and connecting novel observations with modelling and hence Earth system monitoring
  • aiming at close ties between gesosciences (meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, climatology and paleoclimatology, soil sciences and near-surface geophysics, plant and agricultural sciences, geodesy), new information technology and mathematical methods through HPC, Big Data, optimisation, data analysis and AI methods.
  • CESOC develops interdisciplinary approaches, which do not stop at faculty boundaries.

CESOC fosters excellent research and innovative methodological approaches as well as young scientists in environmental and natural sciences and related fields. For this purpose, the ongoing partnership in teaching will be strengthened by introducing common degree courses.


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address: Nussallee 17, D-53115 Bonn