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TALK: Climate@EUMETSAT: Systematic Support to Climate Science and Services

Dr. Jörg Schulz, Eumetsat, Darmstadt

12 April 2021, open talk as pdf

Since about 10 years, EUMETSAT is systematically utilising the maintained unique archive of space-based observations collected by missions exploited by EUMETSAT and partners for the production of consistent fundamental climate data records through re-calibration of space-based observations and reprocessing of associated long series of physical variables and climate data records of geophysical essential climate variables. EUMETSAT contributed to several EU research projects ERA-CLIM, ERA-CLIM2, QA4ECV, FIDUCEO, and GAIA-CLIM making significant progress in the understanding of its own and third party instrument data and their usage in different applications. This includes data rescue, the detection and correction of artefacts and other long-term issues in instrument data time series, the estimation of uncertainties following metrological principles, the efficient production and delivery of climate data records as well as learning what it takes to bring data into usage, e.g., for deriving geophysical variables and for assimilation in global and regional reanalysis in the context of the Copernicus Climate Change Service. Results of the research projects, ongoing feedback from users and the EUMETSAT Member States, and upcoming new missions, such as the MTG and EPS-SG multi-satellite programmes and Copernicus missions, shape the evolution of EUMETSAT’s climate activities. The presentation reviews the scientific and technical achievements and lessons learnt and provides a prospect of future activities.

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